Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today was a “rest day” for us to personally reflect on the happenings of the trip thus far and to prepare ourselves for our final three days of intense work.  We had a 2-hour long yoga practice in the morning, and Seane gave us a lot to think about.  In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, she brought into question how we’ve been showing up and expressing love in our own lives, before and during our experiences in Uganda.  How will we carry our new ideas of authentic love back to our everyday lives?  What do we need to accept about our past in order to truly let go and love bigger?  A lot of people had an emotional release.  It took me a while to get there, but eventually, with the help of the Beatles playing in the background, I did.  I realized that I’m still holding onto a lot of the sadness of 2009—the death of several loved ones.  The fear of death itself.  I’m always making acute adjustments in my perspective so that I can better handle this fear, but it keeps showing up again and again in the faces of the women and children I meet here in Uganda.  Despite their contagious joy, my sadness lingers.
The women and children here do not latch onto their traumas and circumstances.  They are constantly releasing emotions through passionate song and dance.  Perhaps the men are so aggressive because they do not engage in these traditions.  Most Ugandan men are addicted to alcohol, drugs, sexual abuse or power.  They are acting out because, like most Americans, they are not moving the negative energy out of their bodies naturally.  I can certainly relate to their struggles, and am so grateful for the support systems in my life that encourage the release of tension in my heart and in my hips every day. 🙂
I found out last night that I am the youngest woman on this trip.  I am the baby.  There are several life lessons that I have yet to experience, and I must remain patient with myself.  I cannot be so critical and hard on myself.  I must love myself and trust in my deepest truths to continue to love and serve others effectively.  I think this will be my mantra for the decade.
Today, I sat and took the time to remember all of the great loves of my life.  My very first valentines—Mom, Dad, and Grammy.  The crushes, the necessary heartbreaks.  My beautiful companion, Christopher.  And especially, today, all of the 23 women here with me in Uganda, sharing an experience that will bind us together in love forever.  You are all my valentines and I thank Spirit for this incredible opportunity to serve.
Thanks for reading,

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  1. February 14, 2010 at 10:41 am

    This is such a great post! I can really relate to everything you just said. I have experienced my greatest loss this past year, my grandfather and like you, the sadness continues to visit me frequently. I am currently stationed in Guatemala, working with malnourished infants and indigenous midwives. Depite the daily struggles of poverty etc…these woman carry smiles. Their outlet is singing, dancing and cooking. Thank you for this reminder that we too need our outlets where we can channel our energy. Namaste xoxo

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