Mama is Uganda Bound Again!

Today is the day!  My bags are ready to close.  The 50 pound big boy filled with dental, medical and school supplies is ready to load in the car.  Soon I’ll be headed to the airport – embarking on my 2nd trip to Uganda.

Now, with all the practicalities handled, I can begin to really bring conscious contemplation to what is right in front of me.  I’m a set an intention, let it go, do the next good, right, honest thing kind of girl. The intention that I set for this trip and actually for all of 2010 is – ‘to serve’.  I’ve got a lot of inspiration for this intention including and especially the 22 other women on this Uganda journey.  And… the picture that I’ve attached below is another big source of inspiration for me and has been since my first trip to Uganda in March 2008.

One of the organization that we will be working with on this trip is called Building Tomorrow.  They are, believe it or not, based in Indianapolis, IN just like me.  I had no idea of they even existed until my first Uganda trip.  Building Tomorrow builds schools in Uganda.  I’ll write a lot more about them in coming blogs.  Anyway, when Seane and I met them on the last trip they took us to a village where a school was being built.    The materials are furnished by Building Tomorrow, but the school is built by the community.  The picture of below is of a woman in that community who was out in the hot, hot sun, wheelbarrow and tools in hand working to build a school!    She is the guardian of the child with her in the photo and while we know he is directly related, it was unclear whether he was a grandchild or great grandchild. We were told that the generations in between were dead due to AIDS.    All I know and my big inspiration is – seeing how she wanted that baby to go to school and what she was willing to do for it.

I so hope I have the chance to catch up on all of this while there, but really it doesn’t matter.  I am still so inspired!  I can’t wait to get out there and help build a school!!!


And okay….now that you all know I’m from Indianapolis!  It would be just wrong to end this post without saying GO COLTS!!

Love and blessings!



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